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Get ready to wing it with the freshest chicken chatter! We’re here to feather your cap with the hottest chicken scoop, ensuring you stay cluckingly well-informed about all things poultry.
customer reviewing the best chicken in Tucson

What Our Customers Say: Real Stories from Tuxon Chix Patrons

At Tuxon Chix, we’re proud to serve what many call the best chicken in Tucson—whether wings, tenders, a sandwich, or a salad—but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our customers share their experiences in ways that make us proud and humble us every day. Here are some real stories from our patrons that highlight why they love Tuxon Chix.

Holy Cluckin’ Chicken!

Christopher A. from Tucson writes, “Holy cluckin chicken that was amazing. Me and my wife had our baby’s doctor’s appointment and wanted something quick. Cluuuuck, I wish I got more! The juiciness of the chicken was wild as cluck. Honestly, Canes has competition.”

Juicy Chicken and Hot Food Delivered!

Nessa P., a Tucson local, was impressed by our delivery service. She says, “The Wildcat sandwich and the bacon chili Mac and cheese were delicious. Really! Juicy chicken, actual green lettuce, hatch green chilies with some heat! Also, it was hot. Like the food was still hot after being delivered.”

New Favorite Spot

Stephanie S. mentions, “I like that the menu is different, the location is central and easy to get into/out of, and the customer service was good.”

A Flavorful Welcome

Cindy N. shares her first experience, “We checked out this new place and spoke to the owners for a bit. The garlic parmesan wings were AMAZING. Bits of garlic with melted parmesan, and cooked to perfection.”

Impressive New Find

Bill M. from Marana finds Tuxon Chix to be a hidden gem, “Not only do they have a bigger variety of chicken, but the ingredients they put onto the sandwiches are top-notch!”

The Best Wings and Service

Dj S., an elite reviewer, was very happy with their food, “I ordered the 3 Jumbo Tender for lunch along with an order of fries–ran about $14. When they say Jumbo–they are not kidding!! These chicken tenders were huge! The breading was super tasty and the chicken itself was sooooo dang juicy!”

Above and Beyond Service

Naomi S., a local guide, praised the exceptional service. “Everyone working went above and beyond to make this a memorable experience! The food was absolutely delicious and we will definitely be back!”

A Must-Try in Tucson

Kevin K. expresses his love for our sandwiches, especially the Wildcat. “Excellent sandwiches. The Wildcat is the bomb. Garlic parm fries are also too! Been here twice in the last week and will definitely keep coming back!!”

Flavor That Inspires

Phillip C. adds a touch of humor to his praise. “In a world of overpriced and bland food it’s nice to know there’s still hope. Get the Asiago Parmesan sandwich and fries/cheese curds. Taste so good it’ll make you religious.”

Visit Us To Taste The Best Chicken in Tucson for Yourself

These testimonials show not just the quality of our food but also the love and effort we put into every dish at Tuxon Chix. Whether it’s the unique flavors, the quality of service, or the warmth of our staff, our commitment to excellence shines through. Come taste what Tucson is raving about and let us make your meal unforgettable. 

We are located at 5524 E Grant Rd in Tucson AZ and we’re open 7 days a week, 10am to 10pm.

Visit us for the best chicken in Tucson. 

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