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The Best Chicken in Tucson: Flavors of Tuxon Chix

Welcome to Tuxon Chix, where we transform the humble chicken into a palette of extraordinary flavors. Our menu is a testament to our commitment to culinary creativity and innovation. Each sauce and spice blend at Tuxon Chix is crafted to offer a unique taste experience, designed to please the palate in unexpected ways. Here’s a guide to our signature flavors and some suggestions on how to enjoy them on the best chicken in Tucson.

Tuxon Sauce

Our signature Tuxon Sauce is the heartbeat of our menu. This unique blend offers a tangy, slightly sweet profile with a hint of mystery that complements any chicken dish. We recommend pairing it with ‘The OG’ sandwich for a classic experience or drizzle it over our boneless wings for a comforting, indulgent treat.

Spicy Mayo

A staple for those who favor a bit of heat, our Spicy Mayo combines creaminess with a spicy kick that elevates any dish it accompanies. Try the ‘Wildcat’ sandwich to enjoy the harmonious blend of Spicy Mayo with pepper jack cheese and crisp vegetables, or add it to the El Picante for an extra spicy delight.

Asiago Cream Sauce

Rich and velvety, the Asiago Cream Sauce is a gourmet lover’s dream. This sauce pairs beautifully with the Asiago Parmesan sandwich, where it’s complemented by a Parmesan crisp and shredded Parmesan cheese, creating a cheesy paradise for the taste buds.

House Tikka Masala Sauce

Our house Tikka Masala Sauce is a nod to the classic Indian dish, reimagined for the fried chicken enthusiast. It’s rich, aromatic, and deeply flavorful. Enjoy it on the Tikka Masala chicken sandwich where it melds beautifully with fresh tomatoes and red onions, offering a global twist to our local fare.

Buffalo Sauce

For lovers of American classics, our Buffalo Sauce is a must-try. This zesty, tangy sauce pairs perfectly with our Buffalo chicken sandwich, where it’s complemented by ranch dressing and crisp lettuce. It’s also a fantastic dip for any of our wing selections, particularly the bone-in varieties.

Honey Habanero

Sweet meets heat in our Honey Habanero sauce, perfect for those who enjoy a spicy challenge with a sweet reprieve. It’s ideal on our boneless wings, where it clings to every crispy crevice, or as a bold companion to our Hot Honey sandwich.

Garlic Parmesan

Our Garlic Parmesan is a sophisticated blend that offers a rich, garlicky base fused with the nutty, salty undertones of Parmesan. Excellent on both wings and tenders, this sauce transforms every bite into a creamy, dreamy escape.

Lemon Pepper and Peri Peri

For a zestier palate, our Lemon Pepper and Peri Peri blends offer bright and bold flavors. The Lemon Pepper is perfect for a lighter, citrus-infused treat, especially on our tenders, while the Peri Peri, with its hints of chili and lemon, brings a fiery zest to our wings.

Ghost Pepper

Not for the faint of heart, our Ghost Pepper spice is our spiciest offering. Reserved for true spice aficionados, this seasoning will challenge your heat tolerance and delight your senses, perfect on wings or tenders for those daring enough.

Find The Best Chicken Sandwich, Wing, or Tender Flavor at Tuxon Chix

At Tuxon Chix, we invite you to come and discover your favorite flavor combinations. Mix and match, dip and savor—find out how these sauces and spices can turn a simple meal into an unforgettable dining adventure. Join us in redefining the chicken dining experience, one sauce at a time, with the best chicken in Tucson!

Tucson Chix is located at 5524 E Grant Rd in Tucson AZ and we’re open 7 days a week, 10am to 10pm.

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